Bryce Porter
Information Technology Specialist

Bryce Porter

Bryce is an Information Technology Specialist at Kaleidoscope Interventions and Puzzle Box Academy. With many years of personal experience with technology, he is well suited for the job of tending to malfunctioning devices in order to keep the staff happy and performing their jobs without interruption. Bryce has always been interested and passionate about technology and to make his hobby into a career is truly a great thing.

Jonathan Delmater
Director of Facilities

Jonathan Delmater

Jonathan “Jon” Delmater is the Director of Facilities for Kaleidoscope Interventions and Puzzle Box Academy. 

Jon has a passion for troubleshooting difficult problems honed over 10 years of repairing problems for the cable company from the customer’s home to the headend. He has also had experience helping a major auto dealership serving as assistant manager of their business development center. This experience has also helped many small businesses get their voices heard creating their marketing plans and organizing community events. Jon prides himself on being an IT professional who is good with both people and machines and enjoys fixing complex problems and creating a supportive work environment for his coworkers. 

Jon holds 2 associates degrees and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Eastern Florida State University and is actively pursuing his MBA in Project Management at the Florida Institute of Technology. 

Jon began a charity in honor of his late wife Rena Delmater called The Good Left Undone (TGLU). TGLU’s mission is to assist people who have suffered a recent loss by completing projects their loved ones did not get the chance to finish in life.