1. Viera Location Opening Soon!

    Our new Viera Location will be shared with Puzzle Box Academy. We are accepting registrations now! Please give us a call or email for more information.…Read More

  2. Catching up with Kaleidoscope – Week of April 22nd

    Today‚Äôs Catching Up With Kaleidoscope topic is on Functional Behavior Assessments or FBAs for short. An FBA is a procedure a behavior analyst might complete to see what reinforcers are making a behavior occur. There are several types of FBAs an analyst might use. Some are informal and use questionnaires or rating scales to see what situations might be causing a behavior to occur. Others involve …Read More

  3. ABA and Education

    With more and more individuals entering the workforce with education and degrees in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), there are growing opportunities to utilize this experience in unique and challenging ways. Though commonly prescribed as a form of therapeutic treatment for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ABA methodologies can benefit students of all ages and areas of focus. Behavi…Read More

  4. We are moving to a new building!

    Exciting Announcement! As we continue to grow, we have established a need for more space which will better allow us to serve our children and families. It is for this reason we will be moving Kaleidoscope Interventions at Hibiscus to what is now known as the Holz Center on NASA Blvd. That building will no longer house the Holz Center, but rather become Kaleidoscope Interventions. With greater spac…Read More