Kaleidoscope Interventions offers clinic-based, school-based, and in-home therapy services for children ages 2-16. We specialize in pediatric and adolescent behavioral interventions that focus on reducing problematic behaviors whiles simultaneously teaching socially significant replacement and functional skills.

Our highly trained team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians specialize in a variety of services including:

  • Intensive Early Intervention Services
  • Assessment and Treatment of Challenging Behaviors
  • Teaching of Functional Independent Living Skills
  • Verbal Behavior Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • Special Olympics Training
  • Parent Training

Kaleidoscope Interventions approach is based on Applied Behavior Analysis or ‘ABA’ for short. ABA is the science of applying experimentally based principles to improve social behaviors. Those behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms – with data-driven methods being deployed to demonstrate accountability. ABA is a science devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior. ABA is proven to effectively reduce challenging behaviors as well as promote the acquisition of developmentally necessary skills, which enables individuals to independently learn from their environments. By utilizing the principles of ABA, and targeting behavior using positive reinforcement strategies, children learn socially significant behaviors and other pertinent skills to ensure a better quality of life.

Through focused, purposeful repetition and reinforcement of individually-tailored goals – ABA helps make the neurological connection for the learner – allowing them to create new pathways for better communication, enhanced play skills and improved social interaction. Because the spectrum of autism and other developmental delays is extremely large, each program is created to specifically fit the needs of each individual learner.

Kaleidoscope Intervention’ mission is to enhance personal independence and quality of life for families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Kaleidoscope Interventions strives to remain a signature resource and training facility to benefit our clients, our staff, and families within the community.

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