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What is ABA?

Kaleidoscope Interventions approach is based on Applied Behavior Analysis or ‘ABA’ for short. ABA is the science of human behavior, applying evidenced-based practices to improve various behaviors and skill deficits. Behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms – with data-driven methods being deployed to demonstrate accountability.

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Through focused, purposeful and reinforcement based strategies, our therapy utilized individually-tailored goals towards socially significant change. ABA helps create new pathways for better communication, enhanced play skills and improved social interaction. Whether the child has developmental delays, learning delays, or looking to simply improve some skills, each program is created to specifically fit the needs of each individual learner.

How Does this Help?

ABA uses hard data – proof if you will – to determine the kind of therapy your child needs. It helps to tell us how your child is progressing, which areas are in need of further development and allows us to definitively identify areas where we might need to change course. We also use the data to help provide you with the tools you’ll need in order to reinforce the therapy in outside environments and better manage their behavior.

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Kaleidoscope Intervention’ mission is to enhance personal independence and quality of life for families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Kaleidoscope Interventions strives to remain a signature resource and training facility to benefit our clients, our staff, and families within the community.

Our Locations

Melbourne, FL Headquarters
and Legacy High School
Now Open!

125 East Nasa Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901

P: 321-345-4232

Palm Bay, FL Main
Campus Location

2180 NE Julian Ave
Palm Bay, FL 32905

P: 321-345-0861

Rockledge, FL ABA Therapy
Early Intervention

5830 US-1 #102
Rockledge, FL 32955

P: 321-609-9007