1. Backward Chaining

    Backward chaining is a procedure used to teach a chain of steps (e.g., washing dishes, making a sandwich). The clinician completes all the steps except for the last step in the chain. The clinician teaches the client the last step, this continues in this direction until all steps are complete. The clinician is currently using backward chaining to teach a client how to wash dishes. T…Read More

  2. Using a Multiple Schedule and DRA to Reduce Hand Motor Stereotypy

    Motor stereotypy can be challenging to decrease due to the function of the behavior to be automatically reinforcing. It can compete with other reinforcers within the client's environment. A multiple schedule entails allowing the client to engage in motor stereotypy during certain periods of time. For instance, during a break. A red card is used to signal when the student cannot engage in m…Read More

  3. ABLLS-R and Essentials for Living

    Two assessments commonly used by Kaleidoscope Interventions are the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Revised (ABLLS-R) and the Essentials for Living (EFL) at our Palm Bay location. The ABLLS-R assessment focuses more on verbal behavior and builds up a client’s language repertoire, both expressively and receptively. This assessment is utilized with the younger clients and clients whose m…Read More

  4. KI Corner Updates!

    Our KI Corner is coming back soon so now is the perfect time to learn more and be up to date! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbhu_qWKVfcqPisGUEzD4HmS9mTXFWtg5 Also, check out our latest Parent Training Videos and keep up to date here! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbhu_qWKVfcqOFOJ4o8zoOyoq0A4iT56U…Read More