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Catching up with Kaleidoscope – Week of April 22nd

By March 13, 2022No Comments

Today’s Catching Up With Kaleidoscope topic is on Functional Behavior Assessments or FBAs for short. An FBA is a procedure a behavior analyst might complete to see what reinforcers are making a behavior occur. There are several types of FBAs an analyst might use. Some are informal and use questionnaires or rating scales to see what situations might be causing a behavior to occur. Others involve more direct observations. An ABC (antecedent-behavior-consequence) procedure is probably the most common and recognizable by most people. In this procedure we observe the person and see what situations are causing the behavior to occur. Typically, most FBAs involve looking at reinforcers like attention, escape from demands, or automatic reinforcers as the variables making the behavior occur. Another type of FBA is a formal functional analysis, whereby the analyst creates situations and specifically measures the instances of the behavior in contrived situations. This is the most systematic measure we typically use and often has the most validity. All of these assessments help to identify the reinforcer for the problem behavior and the potential replacement behaviors to teach. We hope you enjoyed our topic this week. Please contact your behavior analyst to learn more about FBAs.